5pb and MAGES released today a new play video from the Chaos;Child Love Chu☆Chu!! ADV game this time with one of the main character Serika Onoe. The video is introducing several chapter scenes with her from the game which release on March 30, 2017 in Japan on PS4 and Vita.

Next to the new play video, 5pb also released the new pre-order gift illustrations. If you buy the package version of the game (pre-order) from one of the selected store you will get the store’s special pre-order gift.

  • Ebten (B3 Poster)
  • Amazon Japan (A3 Poster)
  • Takarajima (Large Poster)
  • Ami Ami (Acrylic Character Plate (PS4 version), Mouse Pad (Vita version))
  • Animate (Monitor Cover)
  • Theta (QUO card)
  • NEOWING (Hard pass case)

More drawn illustrations and stores are coming soon.