Furyu released some new goods based on the Caligula’s 4 panel comic style. The game released on June 23, 2016 in Japan on PlayStation Vita and it was quite popular during the Summer in the country.

For the promotion of the game, Furyu started to created (also in the summer) 4 panel, short Caligula comics and today some new goods released based on the comics style.

You can buy from the PSN the new PlayStation Vita theme for only 100 Yen (with tax) and the new LINE messenger sticker package also available for only 50 coins (120 Yen).
An official sticker collection also available in most of the big video game stores in the country for 486 Yen (with tax).

If you want a little bit more, you can buy the official T-Shirt and Smartphone case 2980 Yen (with tax – t-shirt) and 2600 Yen (with tax – case). Check out the pictures in the gallery!

URL: https://suzuri.jp/caligula_ex