Arc System Works released today in Japan the PlayStation 4 / 3 version of the BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION 2D fighting game. The game is the official home edition of the BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION Arcade game. The price is 6800 Yen + tax (package version) and 5800 Yen + tax (download version) and you can buy a Limited Edition for 9800 Yen + tax.

The new title includes 30 hours long, fully voiced and in-game animation included story with various multiplayer and single player modes.
If you visit the official website of the game you can find the first released DLCs information.

Color DLC (changing the costume colors) for 400 Yen / DLC, System Voice change 1000 Yen / DLC but you can buy the voice DLC in one big package for 3000 Yen (with tax).