Bergsala Lightweight announced the release of a new PlayStation Vita game in Japan the Drive Girls which going to release in 2017 January in Japan.

In this title you are fighting with girls and they can fight in two different forms: battle girls form and in a racing car form!! Based on the released pictures as you can see everything will be in 3D not just the characters but also the stages.

Using the currencies what you can earn after the missions you can customize the car and the girls if you buy stickers which affects the girl’s status.
The girls still can suffer some serious damages from the enemies and if it is happened the parts (not just in the car, even in the battle girl form) going to drop down.

The new Drive Girls going to supports the multiplayer mode too. You can play with your friends (maximum 4 players) using the ad-hoc mode of the PS Vita in co-op mode but if you want you can play online (still maximum 4 players and co-op mode).

On the official website if you check the characters page you can already see the basic first characters with the voice actors names. But you can also find the Tokyo Game Sow details about the game.

It should be noted that if you visit the KONAMI stage you can find the Drive Girls until September 18 (from 15). Check out the details in here: