The indie hit is now officially available on mobile devices! Released in September, 2012 on the Xbox 360, Unholy Heights, from developer Petit Depotto, has since been released on PC, the Nintendo 3DS, and the PlayStation4. Set in the world of Unholy Heights, Battle of Maou: The Absurd Hero Assault is now available on Google Play and the App Store.

The time has come for Maou to achieve his dream – an around the world vacation! However, Maou is unaware of the latest rumor… “Didn’t you hear? Maou has finally decided to take over the world!” Like wildfire, the rumor spread far and wide. Heroes, magicians, samurai, ninja, and more quickly prepared to fight whatever horrors Maou could gather. But despite all their training, Maou never appeared. Frustrated, the heroes give in to their impatience and decide to seek out and destroy Maou themselves! Will Maou be able to complete his travels without losing to the likes of nosy heroes?


  • A new type of tower defense that gives you more strategic freedom than ever before!
  • Build your army with a variety of characters, from the adorable to the absurd!
  • Fight in exotic locations as Maou and his team travel across the world!