SmileBoom announced the release of the Nintendo Wii U version Petit Computer programming software the Petit Computer BIG which will be available from December 14, 2016 in Japan from the Nintendo eShop.

Like the original Petit Computer for Nintendo DSi / 3DS this app going to allows you develop basic application for the Nintendo Wii U and you can run them on your on console. It should be noted that the Petit Computer BIG will be compatible with the Petit Computer which means the developed DSi / 3DS programs will be compatible with the Petit Computer BIG so you can run them on Wii U.

The price will be 3000 Yen (with tax) and it will be available from the Japan eShop only. On the TV screen you will see your program code while on the GamePad you can write and edit the code (for the Petit Computer BIG you need the TV screen you can’t use it in GamePad only mode).