Bandai Namco announced the release of a new “search action RPG” which is called “CODE VEIN”. The release date or the platform of the game is unknown but we sure it will be available on PlayStation 4. According to Bandai Namco the game release only in 2018.

The new CODE VEIN going to plays in a near future when everything is ruined on the Earth after a battle between the humanity and the vampires. You will control a little group of survivals but they also need blood for everyday. They are not full vampires and they hunt down the lost ones the evil spirits.

The evil spirits are those survivals who lost their humanity and souls and they are always looking for blood no matter what is the cost. They are like demons in the world and with your search party you have to hunt them too.

Players are looking for not just the evil spirits but also an exit from their local town to find a better place where they can live and left behind their past. In the game the player also find out what happened.

Based on the first published pictures the game looks like a mixed God Eater x Tales of game. If you see the pictures you will have to face always boss like enemies. Bandai Namco going to release more information about this game in the future, but don’t forget, release only in 2018.