Koei Tecmo Games announced the release of an interesting Attack on Titan game in Japan for Nintendo 3DS. The new, Shingeki no Kyojin Shichi Kara no Dasshutsu will be an ESCAPE ADVENTURE game! Yes, this will be a mixed visual novel and escape game where with the main character of the original story you have to escape from a serious situation.

The story going to plays in a half ruined fort which is suddenly under attack of the titan and Levi and the others have to escape from there. The story will be a spin-off / side story of the original title which is still under development.

In the game just like in other escape games you have to find different tools and you have to choose between different commands to survive and escape. So this time you have to forget the flashy, fast attacks like in the previous Attack on Titan title.

The release date of the game at the moment is not clear not even the price. It will be available first in Japan and the international release is not announced. Until more information, stay tuned!