Active Gaming Media started the official Kickstarter Project of a new PC / iOS / Android Tactical Card Game the Astro Boy: Edge of Time.
The game is a digital card game celebrating for 2018 the 90th Anniversary of Osamu Tezuka. Player can set character cards from popular manga and works based on Mr.Osamu Tezuka mangas. The project needs 50 000 USD and 28 days left. When we write this article, 3385 USD already reached.

Here you can find some details from the project page:
In his 40 years as a mangaka or manga artist, Osamu Tezuka created over 700 series and is credited as the Godfather of Manga. The most notable of his series are known around the world, and include Astro Boy (known as Tetsuwan Atom in Japan), Phoenix, and Black Jack. At a time when comics and cartoons were made almost exclusively for comedy, Tezuka sought to incorporate tears, grief, anger, and hate into stories where the endings were not always cut and dry.

In partnership with his son Makoto Tezuka, we celebrate Osamu Tezuka, not just for his incredible art and the sheer volume of work that he produced throughout his life, but also for the incredible breadth of genres he covered. From horror, to action, to children’s stories, people from every walk of life found something to love in Tezuka’s vast library of creations.

His work popularized manga around the world, profoundly shaped modern-day anime, and influenced numerous artists who have created their own successful anime and manga series.

This game takes the shared universe of characters and the Star System that Tezuka created over his illustrious career and continues the story in a whole new setting. Drawing from themes and narratives previously established or hinted at in Tezuka’s work, our aim is to reintroduce these wonderful worlds to fans old and new. This is the world of ASTRO BOY: EDGE OF TIME.