Sony release on December 8, 2016 the “anywhere VR” package for the PlayStation VR. This package going to includes some relaxing stages where you can see everything in 360 degree. Nothing special, just chill out, listening the voice of the nature depends on where you are (Ocean, Forest, Rivel, Mountain etc).

The package will be available in Japan for 1980 Yen (with tax) 10 different locations. You can buy two packages and additional BGMs for 650 Yen (with tax).

The biggest feature of the anywhere VR is that you can sync it with your Android device (iOS not supported). If the PS4 and the Android connects to the same Wi-Fi network you can see the phone’s screen in the anywhere VR so you can control it. You can send and receive message, using SNS apps, everything in real time. Check out the pictures in the gallery and stay tuned for more information.

The new anywhere VR going to includes some mini-games too and by the way all the available stages are real ones from Hokkaido, Yamanashi Prefecture and Okinawa.