5pb and MAGES released today the Android version of the CHAOS;CHILD horror visual novel game. This is the official port version of the 2014 released Xbox One game which later re-released on PlayStation 4, 3, Vita, PC, this January in iOS and there was the official TV animation in the previous anime season.

The price of the Android version CHAOS;CHILD is 4800 Yen (with tax) but until June 11, 2017 you can get it with 58% OFF for 2000 Yen (with tax). This version of the game is available from all regions from the Google Play but only with Japanese language support. You can save to the cloud using the Google Play service to keep your records safe even if you change your device.

The game is fully voiced, comes with more than 30 hours play time, various heroine endings just like the original game.