Asobimo started the official beta test of the BTOOOM! Online today in Japan.
As we wrote before the test version available only for the Android users and you can test the game on two maps (the Mining and the Peninsula) until December 27, 2016.

The Beta Client available already in the Google Play but you can install it only from Japan. If you can you can find it in here:

It should be noted that this is the BETA version not the final one so you maybe going to face with some problems.

In the new BTOOOM! Online you can play 3 minutes long online rounds with other players. To goal is to survive the 3 minutes and be the best hunter and survival like in the TV anime.
It comes with 3D graphics, and skill update system. After each rounds you will earn XPs and you can unlock new skills (skill types depends on the character).

Just only in this BETA version you can dress up the characters in Santa costumes. There is no information if you can move the data file into the final version or not. Check out the pictures in the gallery and try it!