Amazon Game Studios announced the release of the Breakaway which will be available on PC as an upcoming MOBA shooter game. Sorry to say that but the game totally reminds us to the already available and popular MOBA like shooter games for example the Overwatch or the Team Fortress 2.

Amazon with the announcement also published two new promotion videos the Announcement Trailer and the first official 10 minutes play video from the current ALPHA version of the game.

In the Breakaway you have to play in a 4 vs 4 mode on an arena like stage.
Assemble your team from an expanding roster of legendary warriors including the relentless gladiator Spartacus, the twisted sorceress Morgan Le Fay, and the bloodthirsty Vlad the Impaler. Summon persistent buildables onto the playing field that dynamically alter the game and besiege your foes, shield your team, or create new pathways through the arena. Fight for dominance across fabled locations such as El Dorado, Atlantis, and Styx as you battle to control the Relic, the center of Breakaway’s action, passing it to teammates, defending it from attackers, and smashing it into your opponent’s base to score.

Because the game comes from Amazon, all the Twitch features will be included in the game for free for everyone. But the big question, isn’t this game a little bit too late?