Furyu going to makes another serious RPG game for Nintendo 3DS in Japan the Alliance Alive. The game with the teaser website announced but not officially on October 17, 2016 but today Furyu made the official announcement.

The exactly release date of the game still unknown, only known that it will be available from 2017 Spring but the price now know: 6280 Yen + tax (package and download version too).
The game will be a new TRPG game and several serious developers going to working on it from the Suikoden and the SaGa team! For example: Yoshitaka Murayama, Masayo Asano and Ryo Hirao.

With the official announcement, Furyu released the first promotion video of the game what you can watch above and with it the first pre-order gift illustrations too.
Here is the current pre-order campaign store list:

  • Amazon Japan (Drawn Post Card)
  • TSUTAYA (A4 clear file)
  • Sofmap (B2 Poster)
  • WonderGOO (Drawn Style Poster)
  • Joshin (PC Wallpaper)