In 2016 Autumn (don’t know when) going to release in Japan on PlayStation 4 and Vita the next AKIBA’S series game from Acquires the AKIBA’S BEAT. This title going to plays again in Akihabara, Tokyo remodelled in totally realistic mode. The game going to has a totally unique and new battle system than the AKIBA’s TRIP series had. In the new AKIBA’S BEAT as you can read from the title you have to fight against the enemy based on the music’s beats.

The game going to has brand new characters also and this time you have to forget (ar at least at the moment) the pants hunting from the girls on the street. Each stages going to be in a building or in an underground club in Akiharaba and you have to fight against not just other people but demons too. The first promotion video of the game already released what you can watch in here! Stay tuned for more information!


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