Acquires published the new pictures and system details of the AKIBA’S BEAT which going to release in Japan in 2016 Autumn on PlayStation 4 and Vita. The company today published some new pictures and system details.

The first one is the Imagine Gauge. When the gauge is full your character can enter into a special mode where the skills and other special features activated. On the screen at the left bottom you can see the icon of the Imagine Gauge. Once the icon is full (from pause turns into “play” sign) you can use it any time as you wish but pay attention, it takes time to recharge. In this mode the weapon also change for each character.

When this Imagine mode activated you can use your EX skill. This is a special skill which requires the activated Imagine mode. EX skill is an ultra skill and you can use it only once in the Imagine mode because it requires all the energy.

By the way when your are in the Imagine mode the display also going to change. Everything will be a little bit dizzy and at the sides and corners you will see different ghost like characters and signs. The BGM music also will be faster that’s why each characters going to move faster and attack faster than in the normal mode. So the Imagine mode is “nothing more” than a move faster, attack faster, kill faster mode!

By the way, Acquires published the first in-game music details. Since the game going to be based on music rhythm, the new AKIBA’S BEAT going to includes 12 special recorded songs from real artists. On the artist list you can find the famous voice actor Yuko Kawanishi but you can see ClariS too! Check out the pictures in the album and stay tuned for more information!