Acquire released the details and some pictures of the upcoming AKIBA’S BEAT PlayStation 4 / PlayStation Vita game. The game going to has a mixed RPG / card battle style but here are the details.

Basic Battle
The basic battle system of the game going to be relative similar like in any other RPG games. Set the action, use combos, pay attention on your HP and SP and AP. You will find your character’s status information panel at the right bottom on the screen which shows the numbers from the above parts.
HP is the Health Point. If the HP going down to 0 you are death. Of course using skills, items or other characters can recover the character.
SP is the Skill Point. You need Skill Points to use your skills next to your physical attacks. If the SP going down to 0 you can’t use your skills. You have to use an item to recover some or all your SP.
AP is the Action Point. Using combos, extra skills and working together in character combo attacks you need AP. You can raise your AP using your skills and attack. Each extra skills requires minimum AP.

Imagine Mode
The new AKIBA’S BEAT going to release with an Imagine Mode. In this mode (which requires nearly all your AP) your characters going to enters into their imagination using their headphones. Once they are in the Imagine Mode they can work together in an extra, character combo attack. At the moment not so much more information known about this mode, Acquire going to publish more details later.

Trading Cards
To collect spirits the support elements you must use trading cards. You can buy these cards from the local shops in Akiba and depends on your luck (or money) you can get basic or ultra rare cards. Using these cards you can have extra skills, strong support spirit. In the game you can buy more than 100 cards.

Maid System
The maid system is like a support system which going to helps when you search something in the city or in the dungeon. On the screen the supports elements going to appears for a limited amount of time to make easier your search but not so much more know about the Maid system. More information coming soon!