Ace Attorney 6 release today in Japan. Special story DLC release on June 30 for FREE


On June 9, 2016 today released in Japan on Nintendo 3DS the new Ace Attorney 6. The game available in package version, download version and special, e-Capcom Limited Edition. If you got the First Production version (package version only) you can unlock already your “Special Costume Pack” and a special short story DLC. The costume package includes 2-3 new costumes for selected characters while the story DLC plays with the local heroes. While this DLC includes 2 short stories you still have to investigate and do the same things as in the normal game.

It should be noted that a large, story DLC going to release on June 30, 2016 in the Nintendo eShop and this DLC going to be free but only until July 20, 2016 (23:59). The shadow still on the main incident and two new characters going to appears and they will be the new suspect in the murder. A bride and a time traveler?!. Check out the pictures, get the game until the deadline and you can download this DLC for free.