On June 9, 2016 today released in Japan on Nintendo 3DS the new Ace Attorney 6. The game available in package version, download version and special, e-Capcom Limited Edition. If you got the First Production version (package version only) you can unlock already your “Special Costume Pack” and a special short story DLC. The costume package includes 2-3 new costumes for selected characters while the story DLC plays with the local heroes. While this DLC includes 2 short stories you still have to investigate and do the same things as in the normal game.

It should be noted that a large, story DLC going to release on June 30, 2016 in the Nintendo eShop and this DLC going to be free but only until July 20, 2016 (23:59). The shadow still on the main incident and two new characters going to appears and they will be the new suspect in the murder. A bride and a time traveler?!. Check out the pictures, get the game until the deadline and you can download this DLC for free.


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