Bandai Namco announced the release of the next anime based game which this time will be a mixed game of the two popular shows: Accel World and Sword Art Online.
The game is the Accel World VS Sword Art Online: Millennium Twilight which will be available in 2017 on PlayStation 4 and Vita in Japan from Kadokawa Games but the exactly details of the game are not clear.

Kadokawa on the YouTube released the first teaser trailer and a main visual on the official website but that’s all. The Sword Art Online was always a popular title not just in the TVs but also on the consoles. Bandai made several games already and the next one the Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization release on October 27 in Japan.

But from the Sword Art Online, despite it was a popular show just one game released the Accel World: Kasoku no Chouten on PSP and PS3 in Japan in 2013. Above you watch the video of the new collaboration game, more information coming soon!