The indie developer team, DEVGRU-P released last week on the Steam their next game the Stay! Stay! Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Yes as you can see from the title of the game the story plays in the DPRK. You can get the game from the Steam with only English language support and the price is 9.99 USD / EUR.

The story is the following:
The year is 2021, America is back in Afghanistan, and you, soldier, are about to get a well deserved vacation. What better way to spend it than with some of your Korean Army pen-pals, Jeong and Eunji? “Pyongyang” is just a suburb of Seoul, right?
Unfortunately not. Welcome to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Enjoy your stay… stay!

The game comes with multi-ending and you can date with two different girls, with cute military officers. Even the description of the game is already fun as hell. If you like the Visual Novel dating games you have to try it. Don’t ask about the H/Adult patch. Maybe later