A-Answer today released in Japan two new accessories for the PlayStation Vita users. You can buy a new USB character cable and a new pouch case to protect your console during the travel time.

The USB cable’s normal length is 28cm BUT you can roll it out until 1 meter! It is a perfect cable for example if you charge your console from a powerbank which is inside of your bag and you can play with your console during the travel time. The cable available only in black color AND you can also transfer data with it between your PlayStation 4 or other PlayStation Vita consoles. According to A-Answer you can use it for smartphone’s charging too. The suggested price is 950 Yen (with tax) but it can be different because of the retailers.

The pouch case is an all-in-one case. You can put in it your console, the charger, 3 games and your headset. According to A-Answer the case fits for the New Nintendo 3DS LL consoles.
The suggested price is 1590 Yen (with tax).

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