Idea Factory released today the official theme song CD of the 7’scarlet Song Collection PlayStation Vita visual novel game in Japan. The CD includes the opening and the ending songs of the game from Kaori Oda, mao and Haruka Shimotsuki. You can buy it for 2000 Yen + tax on all the big music store websites includes the iTunes. Here you can find the tracklist and the cover of the album in the gallery.

  1. World’s End Syndrome(歌:織田かおり)
  2. LOVESICK(歌:AUK ZERO featuring A-TO(CV:森久保祥太郎))
  3. 目の前の微笑み(歌:mao)
  4. 零れそうな月(歌:織田かおり)
  5. 愛しさを抱いた花(歌:霜月はるか)
  6. スターリー
  7. World’s End Syndrome(Instrumental)
  8. LOVESICK(Instrumental)
  9. 目の前の微笑み(Instrumental)
  10. 零れそうな月(Instrumental)
  11. 愛しさを抱いた花(Instrumental)