Capcom updated the crossbeats REV. SUNRISE music arcade game in Japan and added 5 new songs to it. From this 5 songs, 3 comes from the CROSSxBEATS iOS music game.
You can play with the new songs on all the crossbeats REV. SUNRISE machines from today.

Check out the newly added tracklist:

  1. void – Ascendanz
  2. Maozon – Black Lotus
  3. ツカイステ・デッドワールド – コゲ犬×ゆちゃ (CROSSxBEATS)
  4. あさまっく – チルドレン・オートマトン~ある歌声の亡霊~ (CROSSxBEATS)
  5. さつき が てんこもり feat.un:c – RIDE ON NOW! (CROSSxBEATS)