Only 3 days left and the next Harvest Moon game the Bokujou Monogatari Mitsu no Ri no Taisetsu na Tomodachi release in Japan. Marvelous today updated the official website and published 5 new characters from the game. Each of them will be your friends and you can meet with them in different situations but lets see them closer.

She is (as you can see from her name) the moderator and going to shows up during each contest. She’s going to explain all the rules and going to helps to you around the ranch also.

He is the trainer at the game of the animals and he serves as a judge of the pet show. Sometimes it is hard to understand him.

You will meet with him during the crop festival and serves as a judge. He has a friendly appearance and unique accent.

She is a cooking expert and serves the cuisine festival jury. She looks like a bullish women and she always working on to be better in the kitchen.

Del Cossa
He is the judge at the fashion show. He is from France and he is in the fashion industry from years and a well known person in it. Rumors says, results depends on his mood.

Don’t forget that the Pre-Download campaign already started where you can get the digital version of the game with 10% OFF! The campaign going to be held until July 6, 2016 so you can buy the digital edition of the game for 4838 Yen (with tax) instead of 5378 Yen (with tax).


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