Double Eleven announced the release of the Super Cloudbuilt which will be available from 2017 Summer on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 first in North America and than in Europe. The game going to be a 3D action game and the graphics style will be unique, pencil sketchy art.

The game is the upgraded or the success version (choose one) of the 2014 released Cloudbuilt. Super Cloudbuilt puts you in the role of Demi, a young soldier who wakes up in the empty shell of a ruined building, in the center of a strange new world, disconnected from her old life and physical body. Confused and isolated, Demi pushes herself physically and mentally to overcome the obstacles of her new reality.

Complete incredible feats of free-running and sharp shooting, using Demi’s rocket-powered exo-suit to leap and run through expansive worlds floating above a vast abyss. With each new challenge she overcomes Demi learns more, pushing her to piece together the future now laid out before her. Demi persists, traversing levels, allowing her to experience multiple endings: will Demi learn to understand and accept her new world, or question her reality and learn to defy it?