Hamsters announced the release of 10 new NEOGEO games but this time not for PlayStation 3 or 4 but for Xbox One and PC in Japan.
Until now most of the NEOGEO games remakes released only on PlayStation platforms but looks like Hamsters going to break the wall and release them on other platforms.

According to the press release the 10 new games will be available first in 2016 December on Xbox One and in 2017 January on PC. It is not clear if the games will be available on the same day or they will release on different days.
Anyway, the official game list published what you can find in here:

  1. The King of Fighters ’94
  2. The King of Fighters ’95
  3. World Heroes
  4. Metal Slug
  5. Big Tournament Golf
  6. Fatal Fury
  7. NAM-1975
  8. Art of Fighting
  9. Sengoku Densho
  10. Sengoku Densho 2